The Rule of Love.

Author’s Foreword

We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes:  we stumble in the blazing noon of the daytime just like we do in the darkest midnight; we are in desolate places as dead men, dead women, dead children walking.  The time has come when if light is not cherished it leaves the rejecter in a very dense darkness, and strong and startling developments follow in succession.  Things are moving fast now because we are nearing the end.  There are differences in circumstances which place the human family in daily communion with others from various family structures, composed of varied beliefs and practices, compelled by their daily associations and interactions with one another to choose to empathize, feel their feelings, their difficulties, their disappointments, their joys, and their sorrows. They must choose to identify with one another and do to others as were they to exchange places with them, they would wish them to deal with them.  This is the true rule of honesty.  It is another expression of the law “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”  It is the substance of the teaching of the prophets.  It is a principle of heaven and will continue to be developed in all who are preparing for its holy companionship.  The rule of love is the principle of true courtesy and is illustrated in the life and character of Jesus. 

What glorious rays of softness and beauty shone forth in the daily life and character of Christ!  Sweetness flowed from His very presence and the same spirit will be revealed in His followers, true Christians; those with whom Christ dwells and they will be surrounded with a divine atmosphere.  No one who has the true understanding and conception of the character of God and His Son will neglect to manifest sympathy and tender empathy for the precious souls Christ gave His life to redeem.  Grace will soften the coldest hardest heart, refine and purify the numbest feelings and give a sense of propriety and delicacy which is the influence of Heaven.  I remember the statement by a Global Public Health Servant who during an Ebola crisis was on a respite leave in the United States.  He said: “Life and death are in the hands of the Creator.”  These words still ring true and must be remembered by all who respond to the call for help from those who are suffering from preventable and consequential illness because humanity has no innate ability to prevent disease or to promote health.  Exodus 15:26.

The mission of true public health practice is to draw from personal experience, balanced against the Word of God and the writings of able and experienced health reformers in every sphere of academia, facts for the common people which we sincerely hope will empower them to preserve vital force, be in health, save medical and pharmaceutical expenditures and become better qualified to bear with cheerfulness the ills of this mortal life whatever the cost to earthly success.  It cost to tell the truth to the majority today.  However, the Word of God testifies of Christ and provides confidence in the hope of eternal life with encouragement to surrender control of the consequences of obedience to God.

We as United States of America citizens have an individual and corporate charge to do all in our power to prevent compulsory legislation under the guise of public health protection.  2 Peter 1:1-11.  We must stand in opposition to all religious legislation, including “Sunday laws” which will inevitably lead to unprecedented control by the “Robbers of the People” and precipitate the final downfall and destruction of this “free republic” through the processes of “National Apostasy and National Ruin”.  Any act from the State in imposition of “a day of rest” is a strong violation of religious freedom and a betrayal of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  The State has no legal or just authority to impose a day for “religious observance”.  People who assume the name of Christ and claim to represent His character should be tolerant of the beliefs of others; the State has a responsibility in the preservation of their highest level of Civic responsibility to promote civility and to refrain, cease and desist from all legislation tending toward religious enforcement.  The State should not interfere in the religious experience and expression of its citizens.

Freedom of choice is an expression of God’s character of love.  We must work to instill in young people a genuine love for preservation of religious liberty and freedom of conscience.  We will not be without guilt if we sit by quietly, taking no action to preserve liberty of conscience.  We must pray and work in harmony with our prayers.  We must inform the people of the “true issue” at stake in these final movements of the history of earth.  We are duty bound to sound the final alarm, the last trumpet when we see the “sword of religious intolerance and persecution” raising its long dormant head.  True love is not a mere emotion, consisting of sentiment alone.  Love is a principle manifested by works, in noble and unselfish deeds.

The prescription for the promotion of public health of body, mind and soul are cheerful work toward the achievement of the God-given purpose for our individual lives by exercise of our individual conscience, daily physical exercise, proper rest in sleep, air, water and light which are the remedies prescribed by Heaven.  The proper use of these remedial agents in connection with a practical study of physiology regarding the structure and function of the body should be the lifetime study of childhood, youth and adult populations. 

The public health crisis today is on a destructive path toward delegation of physical and mental health and wellbeing to evolutionary medical professions; delegation of spiritual vitality to the ministerial ‘professions’; and delegation of individual conscience to representatives of States in Washington, D.C., through policy enforcement dictated by persecution, the trademark of Satan, the historic adversary of Christ and humanity.  The same historical methods of coercion and persecution which began in heaven continue to be implemented and practiced today in contemporary contexts and cultures although they are disguised and deceive many.  The spirit is the same.

All people were created with the freedom to choose to love and to serve God, or to reject Him. 

The inevitable results of Satan’s tyrannical, despotic policy enforcement and delegation of individual health responsibility leading to persecution of dissenters will surprise the advocates of these trademark policies.   The goal of this public health reflection is the empowerment of all individuals in the United States of America; especially professed Christians to recognize the blessings of being a citizen of these states and the subsequent responsibility for ALL THE PEOPLE to work to maintain liberty of conscience for ALL which is amply provided for within the immortal lines of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.  The Constitution of the United States is worthy of a good deal more study than 99/100 people in the United States ever give to it.  I present this public health reflection, without fear or favor, in the hope that it will prove a blessing to those of all ages and circumstances who have had a similar journey, that others might avoid the perilous consequences of venturing into paths not ordained of Heaven and that it might be pleasing to my Heavenly Father. 

In conclusion, my favorite English Bible translation for which I make no apology is the Word of God “as it reads” in the Authorized King James Version, but I can appreciate some aspects of many versions and paraphrases.  This book contains no reference to versions, only text, book, chapter and verse location.  I hope all who venture within its covers will pick up their Bible and ‘taste and see’ that the Lord is good; and that He still speaks through a still, small voice to all who will listen; and that His Almighty hand is on the wheel of these final events in earth’s history.

There is a reference list at the end and several in-text citations in loose accordance with the APA format required for Graduate Studies in Health Education programs and is provided for those who desire to dig deeper into the corroborating resources for the subjects so that you may be able to give a reason for the hope that is in you.  God Bless and may we all occupy till He comes.

*Occupy – be pragmatic, keep yourself busy with the trade of your Master, deal sensibly and realistically with your fellow beings and in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

“Dedicated to the Personal God from Whom all blessings flow, who supplies sufficient strength and grace to bear the infirmities of life and has made ample provision for the receipt of every good and perfect gift including the gift of life and the blessings of health in accordance with His purpose for my salvation.  I have found and continue to find through my personal experience and vital connection with Him; His grace is sufficient.”  Miss. V.A. Armstrong

Armstrong, Vira A. Consider Your Ways – My Personal Reflection on the practice of public health. An unpublished work – authored during my MPH course at Chamberlain University Online Program. Downers Grove, IL.


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