Hat up! and Get to steppin!

One of my mother’s sisters favorite term is “get to steppin”. My dear friend said her grandmother’s was “hat up”. The signs of the times admonish all today to do the same. There is no time to waste. Pick up the Word of God – start in the beginning – unroll the scroll and stir what you got. None of us know everything but God is not going to wrap business up on this earth before all have the opportunity to know His true character as revealed by His first begotten Son – Christ Jesus – the Messiah – the Living Word of God – and the character of His people throughout the earth.

Start in Genesis – pray your way through Revelation – ask God to reveal Himself to you – eat from the tree of life – the Word of the Living God. Then – throughout the process – ask God also to empower you to reveal His true character (in your life) to your spouse and children.

Hat up! and Get to steppin!


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